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How Fast is a Brisk Walk?

Taking a brisk walk is an often-recommended form of physical activity for getting and staying in shape. Yet, have you ever wondered, “Exactly how fast is a brisk walk?” “How fast do I need to travel to reap health benefits?”

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Infectious Disease

Flu Season

Flu season in the United States typically starts in October and goes through February – this is when we see the majority of flu cases. In Texas, we see flu activity through May. While this is the typical timeline, it is possible to get the flu at any time of the year.

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4 fall prevention strategies

4 Fall Prevention Strategies

Falls don’t have to be inevitable as you age! Fall prevention can help all of us, and especially older adults, who may begin to restrict their activity due to fear of falling or an experience with an injury or fall.

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swing your amrs while walking for added benefit

Swing Your Arms While Walking for Added Benefit

Swinging your arms naturally as you walk is important for stability and to help propel you forward. Most people swing their arms slightly as they walk with the opposite arm and leg advancing at the same time. Focusing on moving your arms more while you walk can help propel you along more quickly and add benefit to your walking workout.

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what are the benefits of warming up before exercise

What are the Benefits of Warming up Before Exercise?

You are not alone if you don’t. Sometimes we’re just trying to get it done. Maybe it’s before work, during the lunch hour, amid the hustle-and-bustle of family life, or at the end of an already busy day. Whatever the case, it can be tempting to skip the warm-up and just get our exercise done. Still, there some are very good reasons why we should warm up.

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