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5 Beginner Goals for Resistance Training

To get the most out of your resistance training sessions, having your goals in mind can help you decide where to focus your efforts. This is because your body adapts to and becomes more efficient at the exercises you do.

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recommended steps per day by age

Recommended Steps per Day by Age

Tracking how many steps we walk each can be a great motivator. Having a number, like 10,000 steps a day can help us act on moving more throughout our day, and during intentional bouts of physical activity. Still, this number can sometimes seem daunting. So, what does the science say? Are there health benefits below 10,000 steps?

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how to add more plant based protein to your diet

How to Add More Plant-Based Protein to Your Diet

Adding a variety of protein-rich foods in your diet is vital to your health. While we often think of protein coming from meat, poultry, and eggs, it’s also included in a variety of seafood and plant-based foods, such as beans, peas, lentils, nuts, and seeds. Plant-based proteins offer a wealth of benefits, providing an excellent alternative for those looking to diversify their protein sources.

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how to choose walking shoes

How to Choose Walking Shoes

One of the benefits of walking is that it doesn’t require a big budget, but investing in a good pair of walking shoes is key. Here are some tips to help you get the best fit.

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