Health and Nutrition Programs for Adults and Youth

Step your way into the habit of healthy with one of our health or nutrition programs!  View plans, resources, tips, and more for offices, schools, groups, and individuals.

Ready to take your first step?

Howdy Health, by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, provides a simple and proven way to establish a habit of regular physical activity. Since 1996, thousands of people have competed in one of our walking programs.

Learn more:  Improving Health and Reducing Health Care Costs through Walk Across Texas

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ready to take your first step
ready made step challenge plan

Need a walking program?

We have everything you need to start a walking program at your office, school, senior center, and more! If your group is in Texas, AgriLife Extension employees can provide additional information for getting started.

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Are you walking to lose weight?

Our 10&10,000 Change Challenge is a simple program for individuals that provides a kickstart toward a healthy lifestyle. Ramp up your change levels gradually in 4 stages spanning 100 days.

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walking to lose weight

Since 1996, groups large and small have taken their first step!