Walk Across Texas

Walk Across Texas is a FREE, 8-week walking challenge designed to help Texans be more active and establish the habit of regular physical activity.  Since 1996, more than 650,000 Texans have participated in the program to significantly increase their physical activity level.

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Walk Across Texas 5K

How does it work?

  1. Form or join a league at your office, church, school, senior center, or community group.
  2. Then, form teams inside of your league. Up to 8 team members are encouraged to work together towards the goal of virtually walking across Texas.
  3. Each team member’s favorite physical activities are logged as ‘miles walked’ in our online challenge tracker and contribute toward the team’s mileage total.

Year-round participation is encouraged using locally sponsored program activities, as well as with leadership provided by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension employees.

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If you live and work in Texas, your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agent can assist you with implementation.  Please also review this guide for additional information and instructions.

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Please review the Walk Across Texas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), implementation guide, or video tutorials.

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Howdy Health Team-Based Physical Activity Programs Implementation Guide
Click or tap the image to download the implementation guide (pdf)

2022 Walk Across Texas Program Results

Texas counties participated
Adult program participants
Million miles logged
Average number of times per week participants took part in physical activity: +1.1 (Pre: 3.6; Post: 4.7)
Average number of minutes participants took part in each physical activity: +10.7 (Pre: 34.9; Post: 45.6)
0 mins.
Participants meeting physical activity recommendations: +16% (Pre: 42%; Post: 58%)
0 %

Selected Participant Comments

“Walk Across Texas provided structure and goals for my fitness journey. Though life got in the way at times, it was easy to jump back in to this program and complete challenges. I am thankful this program got me to walk more. I feel better mentally, physically, and have more energy.”

“The program gave me the opportunity to record and keep track of how much activity I was doing.  By being in the program I felt more accountable  because the team was depending on me to do my best.  I have now  set up a habit of recording my activity which I will continue to do and will now hold myself accountable.  Thank you, Walk Across Texas”

“Our family lives all over Texas and with Walk Across Texas we were able to take on 832 miles together, have fun, get healthier and keep in touch.”

“Participating in the program motivated me to reach my goals. Being a captain encouraged me to set a good example and try to motivate my team to reach their fitness goals. I walked 150 miles in 8 weeks. I had not been doing any exercise in the last 8 months. Now I don’t want to miss walking every day.”

“I benefited because my overall health, attitude and physical well-being improved. I was motivated to continue because I had made a commitment to my team, and I was accountable to them.”