Walk Across Texas Youth

Walk Across Texas Youth is a FREE walking challenge designed to help our youngest Texans be more active and establish the habit of regular physical activity.  Spanning 8 weeks, the challenge allows for an unlimited number of participants on each team. In 2022, more than 25,000 Texas youth participated in the program.

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free walking program for youth and schools

How Does the Walking Challenge Work?

  1. Form or join a youth league at your school or with your group.
  2. Then, form teams inside of your league. Youth teams can contain an unlimited number of members. Team members are encouraged to work together towards the goal of virtually walking across Texas.
  3. Each team member’s favorite physical activities are logged as ‘miles walked’ in our online challenge tracker and contribute toward the team’s mileage total.

Year-round participation is encouraged using locally sponsored program activities, as well as with leadership provided by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension employees.

Need Lesson Plans?

View and download teacher lesson plans to use with the Walk Across Texas Youth program.

Click a link below to download a .zip archive containing files for each category of lesson plans.

Click a link below to download a .zip archive containing files for each category of lesson plans.

Click a link below to download a file for the Walk Across Texas Youth Team mileage log.

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Need Help?

If you live and work in Texas, please contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension county agent.  For everyone else, please review the implementation guide, view our video tutorials, and help desk.

walk across texas county agents
Howdy Health Team-Based Physical Activity Programs Implementation Guide
Click or tap the image to download the implementation guide (pdf)

2022 Walk Across Texas Youth Program Results

Texas counties participated
Program participants
Thousand miles logged
Miles per participant

Selected Participant Comments

“Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is an essential partner in our work to help schools be healthy learning environments. Agents have provided much needed cooking and nutrition classes and educational materials, and their programs like Walk Across Texas give schools free resources to support physical activity in a fun way. Thank you AgriLife!”

– Michelle Smith, Action for Healthy Kids – Texas State Coordinator

“I really liked the Walk Across Texas Math activities. Easy to incorporate to get kids up and active again. Already have WAT Math lessons incorporated into next year’s lessons.”

– Teacher Implementing Walk Across Texas Youth

“I believe that Walk Across Texas brought our family closer because we were exercising together and spending more time outdoors instead of watching TV or playing video games.”

– Parent of Walk Across Texas Youth participant