Master of Memory

The goal of the Master of Memory program is to improve participants’ memory function. Master of Memory encourages older adult participants to:

  • recognize that they can impact their memory function
  • evaluate their own memory function
  • identify factors that may enhance or detract from their memory function
  • find ways that may help address some of those factors

About the Series

The six-lesson series includes presentations on:

  • memory and learning
  • memory strategies
  • nutrition
  • medications
  • medical conditions
  • exercise for the body and mind

More than 120 people, including Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents — Family and Community Health and volunteers, have received training to deliver the Master of Memory program series.

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Master of Memory Program Results

In 2019, an evaluation study was conducted with 78 participants who completed the Master of Memory series. The age of participants ranged from 23 to 93 years old (mean = 69.8) — 86 percent of respondents were female. Significant differences from pre to post were noted in three primary outcome areas related to memory function: confidence in ability to improve memory, understanding controllable risk factors associated with memory loss, and understanding actionable steps that can be taken to improve memory.

As a result of attending the educational series, participants demonstrated higher confidence levels in their ability to take steps to improve their memory functioning. Similarly, respondents indicated a reduction in negative attitudes related to memory and aging. Data also indicated that respondents had a significant increase in their understanding of risk factors that may be controlled to help memory function, including diabetes, depression, hearing loss, and vision loss. Lastly, respondents indicated an improved understanding of proactive steps they could take to improve their memory.

Retrospective-post evaluation was used to garner understanding of essential concepts presented in each lesson.