25 Ways to Add Enjoyment to Your Walk

Revitalize your walking workout with some of these ideas to mix things up and add enjoyment to your walk. 1. Penny walk Flip a penny at each intersection (or stop sign, or every 2 blocks, etc.). If it lands on heads, turn right; if it lands on tails, turn left. 2. Roll the dice Assign […]

Pump your arms while you walk for added benefit

pumping your arms

Swinging your arms naturally as you walk is important for stability and to help propel you forward. Most people swing their arms slightly as they walk with the opposite arm and leg advancing at the same time. In fact, holding your arms straight to your side uses more energy than naturally swinging them.1 Focusing on […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your Walking Workout

walking workout

Maximize your walking workout with added benefits by adding these strategies to your walking routine. 1. Add intervals Interval training involves alternating short bursts of more intense activity with what is called active recovery1 (when you bring your activity level back down to a more moderate level). To add Intervals to your walk, you can […]

What to wear for hot and cold weather workouts

Lather – Layer – Lighten Whether it’s the hot southern sun or the cold northern wind, it’s important to outfit yourself with the right layers for hot and cold weather workouts. In cold weather… Lather & Layer To stay safe while being active in cold weather the key is to stay both warm and dry […]

Treadmill Workout

Are you looking for the best ways to workout on a treadmill? A treadmill workout is a great option, whether you’re just getting back to exercising or you’re a seasoned exerciser. A treadmill can be used for an effective, calorie-burning,1 muscle strength-, endurance-, and cardiovascular health-building workout.1,2 It’s also nice when you want to workout […]

Walking Groups: How can I join one & sustain it?

Joining a walking group might be just what you’re looking for to meet your health goals… and you might find some unexpected results along the way. In fact, even if you don’t consider yourself very social, you may still find benefits in joining a walking group. Why join a walking group – What studies & […]

Is it better to walk for time or distance?

… and What about pace? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain stamina, it’s helpful to have a goal. One way to set your goal is to choose how long or far you will walk, but which is better? Is it better to walk for time or distance? What about pace? Guidelines suggest walking […]

Walking Programs for Seniors

walking program for seniors

“It is well established that physical activity is an efficient strategy for successful aging.” 1 Why is a walking workout recommended as we age? Starting and sustaining a walking program is a safe and effective form of exercise for most people. Walking for fitness has many health benefits and is a great choice for physical […]

Is Walking Enough Exercise?

Walking for Exercise

If you’re wondering if walking is a good enough form of exercise, the answer is a resounding YES! Walking is good for both your physical and mental health.

Why Warm Up?

Why warm up

I’m guessing I’m not alone if I admit I’ve been known to skip a warm-up before exercise. Sometimes we’re just trying to get it done. Maybe it’s before work, during the lunch hour, amid the hustle-and-bustle of family life, or at the end of an already busy day. Whatever the case, it can be tempting […]